Frequently asked questions

What is digital art?

Digital art is an art piece that is present in an electronic system like laptop, computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Contrary to a physical art on paper, you can use your digital art in any way multiple times, like for printing on canvas, cushion covers, notebooks, T-shirts, etc. You can even make several copies for sharing among family or friends by purchasing just one digital art! Sounds exciting, isn't it?

How will I receive my digital art?

Add everything to your cart and once your cart is ready, place your order. You can make the payment safely online, or even transfer the total amount via paytm or google pay as per the details given. Soon after the payment is made, you will receive a link to download your original art piece in your email! In case you have asked for any modifications or for something new (for example your own text in Calligraphy), it may take some more time depending upon the requirements.

How is digital art better than actual physical items?

We appreciate art in every form and nothing is better or worse than the other! Digital art only has some advantages over physical items like: - A single art piece can be used in various ways like on mugs, cushion covers, T-shirts, wall decor, etc. - You have the liberty of modifying the colours or anything as per your wish - You can get customised art pieces per your imagination - The overall cost becomes much cheaper for you as compared to what you would have to pay if you got everything readymade

What if I want to purchase printed items only like T-shirts, wall decor, etc.?

Unfortunately, this service is temprarily suspended due to the current pandemic scenario. Once things settle, we will be glad to help you with this service as well.

Are there any shipping charges?

Since we are a digital art platform, there is no shipping charge borne by us, so we won't charge a penny for that from you as well!

Is there any minimum cart value?

If we are selling digital art, there is absolutely no minimum cart value. You can choose to purchase something worth Rs. 10 also without worrying about any extra charges.

How can I get any art modified or customised?

Very simple - just contact us! We are always happy to assist in everything. Just whatsapp, sms, email, or call us anytime and we would help you in every way.

Can I get something created exclusively for myself so nobody else can have it?

Of course! We can discuss all your imaginations and ideas and bring them to life. If you want that piece to be exclusively for you and to disappear from the website for further sale, you can surely get a copyright on it and it would be exclusively yours! An extra reasonable cost would be charged to own an art piece.