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60" Titan Max Zero turn mower

60" Titan Max Zero turn mower


Durability and professional results are what you will get with Toro's Titan  Series mowers - plus an outstanding value!  

We’ve put 100 years of pushing-the-limits, ruler-of-the-blade, and never-back-down badassery into our newly created Titan MAX. Our engineers have commercial contractor brains, but are evil-geniuses when it comes to delivering for the guy with some serious, undomesticated acreage. The Titan MAX is built on a commercial-worthy blue print, from a pro gene pool, with truly Iron Forged features and durability. Enjoy the comforts of being a Titan of industry with a work- and worker-friendly ride, seating, on/off access and more. If you’re looking for commercial level features, unmatched durability, user-friendly amenities, and powerful reliability all in one mega monster—Meet Titan MAX. Born and raised in the heartland of America, this MAXed-out machine grabs work by the horns, rides roughshod over it and shuts it down.

  • BIG, BAD and POWERFUL - One pass with this machine is all it will take to know you'll never mow with anything else.
  • Built on Great Bones - A tubular steel frame and grade 50 hardened 10-gauge steel – there’s no stopping you now.
  • Mean and Pristine - 26HP* Kohler 7000 Series engine with canister air cleaner.
  • Built Like a Bull - IronForged® high strength grade 10-gauge steel deck with bull nose reinforced leading edge.
  • 26HP (747cc) Kohler w/ Pro Air Cleaner
  • 60" Iron Forged Fabricated Deck
  • 7-Gallon Tank, 1-5" Cut Height
  • H.G. ZT-3100 (9mph), WT:876lbs
  • 4 Year / 500 Hour Warranty

Sold at northwest lawn and power Stores 

monthly payment as low as $121.38

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