Classen HSC18 Sod Cutter Hydro Drive

Classen HSC18 Sod Cutter Hydro Drive


Classen Pro

  • Simplified machine that’s serious on sod
  • • Short unit length and integrated rear swivel wheel make the PRO Sod Cutter the most compact and maneuverable sod cutter in the industry!
  • • Fastest transport speed in the industry, up to 4.7 mph and powered reverse.
  • • Advanced vibration dampening system for operator comfort – NEW modified cam design means less vibration than ever!
  • • Improved user-friendly controls for ease-of-operation
  • • Classen offers the most blade sizes in the industry.
  • • 18” blade standard. Optional 12″, 16″, 20″ or 24″ blade assemblies available


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