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The Snowplow 30 inch Snow Pusher

The Snowplow 30 inch Snow Pusher


The SnowPlow Snow Pushers are a premium brand and market leading snow removal tool preferred by contractors and enjoyed by homeowners everywhere it snows. The top quality construction is based on the high wearing, self sharpening UHMW polyethleyne blade for multiple years lifespan in the most abusive environments. The extra length fiberglass handle with D-grip provides ergonomic operator comfort. The USA Patented Tuffbrace provides blade support and attaches the handle for a simple bolt together construction design allowing for all parts to easily be assembled and replaced.

  • The Original - The Snowplow "The Original Snow Pusher" is the only shovel on the market using virgin UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) Polyethylene
  • We've developed and patented the handle/brace connector system, the Tuffbrace is optimized for sturdiness and toughness
  • Non Stick Blade & Sturdy Throughout - UHMW blade allows snow to slide off vs. stick to generic plastic shovels
  • Quick Assembly - Easily assemble in under 5 minutes with clear and easy bolt instructions using standard hardware and wrenches
  • See our raving reviews from top snow professionals, churches, property managers and other commercial use
  • This material is the highest wearing, impact resistant, cold weather adaptable material available
  • Use on concrete, blacktop, pavers, decks, roofs, ice rinks and more
  • The fiberglass handle has twice the wall thickness of industry snow shovels
  • Plus reinforced with a plug insert
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